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Custom Unguided Bait Hunt

ZONE F Guided Bait Hunts

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We only offer 3 bear hunts a year to ensure the most high-quality hunting in Zone F.

All stands are in the air, two-person ladder stands and one enclosed blind.  

Tracking of bear is included. Field dressing is to be done by hunter. Information on local processors and taxidermists provided at request. 

All hunt purchases and deposits are non-refundable. A wild game harvest is not guaranteed on any hunt. If you draw blood or hair while attempting to harvest an animal, the animal will be considered dead even if not recovered. All reasonable efforts will be made to recover any wounded animals you shoot. JW Outfitter's decision as to the scope of recovery efforts will be final. 

Fair-Chase Hunt means you are hunting wild game animals. No High Fence. Must Follow WI DNR Regulations and Licensing. 

Bear Hunts

  • Only ONE offered per hunting season. 
  • No Lodging
  • Five (5) consecutive day unguided hunt
  • Zone F
  • All baits are 15 - 30 yards from stand - sight in your weapon accordingly. 
  • Hunt will take place on privately owned land over low pressure baiting areas. 

Your Bear Hunt at JW Outfitters will consist of a five day semi-guided hunt over bait.

  • Lodging Provided
  • Five (5) day one-on-one hunt
  • All baits are 15 to 30 yards from stand - sight in your weapon accordingly.
  • Hunts take place in Portage and Waushara Counties
  • All Hunts take place on privately owned land by JW Outfitters over low pressure baiting areas. 
  • Choose your weapon of choice: Rifle, Bow, Crossbow (Rifle is recommended for backup due to weather and malfunctions)
  • Tracking of bear included and information to local processors and taxidermists provided. 

Guided Hunts:        $1,925

Unguided Hunt:      $1,525

$1,000 Non-refundable Deposit due at time of booking applied to total balance.

Remaining balance to be paid at arrival to Lodge.

There are never any trophy fees at JW Outfitters!

**Guide Gratuities are welcome**